ChenLab: Computational Regulomics and Epigenomics Group

Computational Biology Group


Research Interests

We have a broad interest in bioinformatics with a focus on gene regulation. Using large-scale 'omics' data, statistical and machine learning methods, we investigate basic molecular principles and evolutionary diversity of gene regulation in development, growth and disease in eukaryotic organisms. Our efforts are focused on several aspects:
Regulatory Genomics

Regulatory Genomics

Investigating molecular mechanisms and genetic variation of cis-regulatory elements (e.g., enhancers) underlying development or disease.

Evolutionary Genomics

Evolutionary Genomics

Using computational and comparative genomics/epigenomics-based approaches to study regulatory evolution of plant development or cancer progression.



Developing machine/deep learning-based approaches to study regulatory determinants of specificity using biomedical big data.


School of Life Sciences, Nanjing University
Nanjing 210023, China

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